This site is devoted to MS-150 Lifetime Rider Kenny Wingfield. In addition to riding in more than 40 MS-150 tours, he rode from Los Angeles to Boston in 2002, and International Falls to New Orleans in 2006. His mission…to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis, and to gather support to find a cure for this devastating disease. Since 1991, Kenny has ridden over 10,000 miles to raise money for research in curing MS.

A Message From Kenny
It hasn't always been a flat road with the wind at my back. In addition to dealing with Multiple Sclerosis, many obstacles have crossed my path over the years. Please take a moment to click on the "About Kenny" link at the top of the page to read why this ride and cause are so important to me.

For over 25 years I proudly rode my two wheel bicycle in MS-150 tours, and made two cross country rides to help raise awareness of MS, and raise money to help find a cure and assist folks living with this disease.

In 2015, I tried a new way to fund my cause. My plan was to ride my Harley Tri-Glide from Roanoke, VA to the Pacific Ocean and back again, a trip that was to last at least five weeks, traveling over 8,000 miles.

After 2 weeks and over 2,000 miles, my trike broke down just outside Durango, CO, and had to be towed in for repairs. Three days later, I was off for a test ride before returning to my cross country adventure. All went well until trying to return to the dealership, when it began to rain. The road was busy, with lots of traffic and traffic lights, and a city ordinance did not permit business signs on the roadway...honestly, I was a bit disoriented. I glanced to the right and spotted the Harley dealership, but when I looked back to the road the car in front of me had stopped at a light. I hit the brakes and cut the wheel to the right but not soon enough and my left rear wheel well caught the right rear bumper of the car. The trike jolted to a stop and I was sent sailing over the handlebars and into the ground. 

I was transported to the hospital where my hip was returned to its socket and my nose was literally glued back on my face. My friend Carl shipped my belongings back to Roanoke and two days later got me on a plane home.  I was sad and disappointed that I couldn't finish my goal of riding cross country for my cause.

This year, 2016, I will return for a ride that takes me through Durango, only I will be riding my hand crank trike on a six day 359 mile tour through the Colorado Rockies, truly another challenge that will push me physically beyond my wildest thoughts.

I need your help and support more than ever!

To donate to the cause, please contact the MS Alliance of Virginia at 540-404-1167 or send a check to MSAV at this address:

P.O. Box 2884
Roanoke, VA 24001

All money collected by MSAV provides education, empowerment, programs and services for people living with Multiple Sclerosis in Virginia.